Hello, my name is

Mohammed JESTI

Secretary General of the International Union of Arab Writers

About me

The Secretary General of the International Union of Arab Writers promotes Arabic literature and culture globally through cooperation with different groups. Similarly, the Dean of the International Academy of Arab Writers, Thinkers, and Intellectuals plans and manages events to enhance the skills of talented Arabic writers and thinkers while increasing awareness for their work globally. Both positions play a significant role in advancing knowledge and appreciation of the Arab world.

Mohammed JESTI

The Director of Foresight Studies & International Relations plans and analyzes global affairs, using their knowledge of politics, economics, and social dynamics to create visions and scenarios. They research emerging trends and assess their impact. The Director needs great communication and leadership skills, and a background in international relations or political science with years of relevant experience.

Writing and poetry can be both challenging and rewarding, serving as a therapeutic and empowering outlet for self-expression. Poetry, in particular, requires a deeper level of creativity and language mastery. Regardless of the difficulty, writing is an opportunity to explore one’s inner world, convey personal stories and perspectives, and connect with others. Engaging in these activities helps with personal growth and development, expands critical thinking skills, and offers an outlet for self-expression. Whether writing for oneself or for others, the process of creation is a fulfilling experience that can leave a lasting impact on both the writer and the reader.


A poet